Blog Articles

Running Foopipes in Docker Swarm Mode

Quick example of how to run Foopipes in Docker Swarm Mode with an external configuration file.

Html scraping with Page.REST and Foopipes

I don't know how many times I've programmatically wanted to fetch information from a website that doesn't have a public API. Page.REST together with Foopipes makes a powerful tool!

Foopipes 2.4 with C# scripting released

Foopipes 2.4 is here! The big news is C# scripting capabilities using Roslyn and communitiy "Add-Ins"

Article: Telemetry data to Google Analytics

In a real life project we had a whole bunch of node instances that needed to send back telemetry data to us for usage statistic purposes. In order to make it as a little burden as possible for the clients we decided to send the data as a small AES encrypted json, sent as an UDP package with an interval.

Foopipes 2.3 released!

A new version of Foopipes has just been released with some new interesting features and enhancements, including a preview of C# scripting support.

Article: Xml API to Elasticsearch with Foopipes

Listening on a port or polling an api. Transform the data, and then push it to a data store or another service is a common task in a developer’s life. Foopipes is a lightweight tool for easy set up of these kind of tasks without any or very little programming.

Foopipes 2.2 released!

A new version of Foopipes has just been released. New config format sugar, and new features in httplistener service and http task.

Roslyn scripting support in progress

As .NET core has moved on into version 1.1 the Roslyn C# compiler can finally be used for scripting on many platforms.

Foopipes 2.1 released!

A new version of Foopipes has just been released.

Foopipes 2.0.0 released!

A new major version of Foopipes has just been released to Docker hub.