Foopipes 2.0.0 released! 2017-05-12

Foopipes 2.0.0 released!

A new major version of Foopipes has just been released to Docker hub. Lots of changes, but the most obvious one is of course the new name Foopipes.

With this release we take a big step towards a finished product that we believe should be a necessary tool in every developer's toolbox.

What's new

  • YAML configuration. Json is still supported but the yaml format is so much easier for the eyes so frankly we can't see any reason to stick to json.
  • Lots of renaming and thinking through concepts and terminology.
  • Plugin loading refactored. We're still not completely satisfied but it is an improvement.
  • Node.js function signatures revised with Promises.
  • Node.js input- and output streams support improved.
  • Node error handling improved.

The road ahead

As the documentation is clearly lacking we'll put focus on that area for a while. Also we're trying to iron out wrinkles to make the product easier to use and lower he threshold to get started.

For a longer perspective we're aiming for a serverless as-a-service offering possibly with a easy to use web interface.