Running Foopipes in Docker Swarm Mode 2018-02-23

Running Foopipes in Docker Swarm Mode

Docker Swarm

Quick example of how to run Foopipes in Docker Swarm Mode with an external configuration file.

Set up the swarm

First we need the node(s) to run in Swarm Mode.

docker swarm init

Create the Foopipes configuration

Create a default Foopipes config file named foopipes.yml in current directory:

docker run aretera/foopipes config >foopipes.yml

Create the stack file

Create a foopipes-stack.yml file with this content:

version: '3.3'
    image: 'aretera/foopipes'
    command: '--f=/foopipes.yml'
      - source: foopipes-config
        target: /foopipes.yml
     file: ./foopipes.yml

Deploy the stack

docker stack deploy -c foopipes-stack.yml foopipes

You can check the log output with:

docker service logs -f foopipes_foopipes

Happy swarming!