Roslyn scripting support in progress 2017-05-23

Roslyn scripting support in progress

As .NET core has moved on into version 1.1 the Roslyn C# compiler can finally be used for scripting on many platforms. For Foopipes this makes a great opportunity as it makes it possible not only to do data transformations in C#, but also as it makes the whole .NET Linq library available for the pipelines!

Script tasks

We're right now working on a new script task for inline scripting in the pipeline config, like this:


      - task: script
        script: |
          return new { some=obj.thing.ToLower() };

Linq where tasks:

     task: where, 
     expression: |
       d=>d.x=="hoo" && d.Items.Any(i=>i.Name=="tjo"))

We're right now considering how to proceed and if C# scripting should be a native part of the pipeline or only for dedicated tasks like above. Hopefully we will release something very soon.